How our hearts are attracted by the heavenly fragrance 
of your sweet virtues and your modest graces!
We want also to embellish it.
Bouasse Jeune
Treasures of the Heart of Mary
Consider the beauties of Mary's heart,
and see if you will ever be able to refuse her your love.  
Holy heart of Mary, 
united inseparably to the Heart of Jesus,
pray for us.
O, Mary, through your holy heart,  burning with divine love
console a poor mother and protect her frail children.

In order not to go astray, 
let us take Mary as our guide.
Heart of Mary with Doves
hand-painted circa 1900
Happy are those who belong to the Heart of Mary
The Heart of Mary floods our souls with its rays.
The Heart of Mary will warm you like a kindly hearth.

The Degree of purity 
determines the degree of union.
United Forever
In one same Prayer,
In one same Hope,
In one same Love.
Bouasse Jeune
O Mother of the Savior, powerful protectress,
we are yours forever.
Saintin, Paris

For you I implore them each day.
Aubry, Paris